Forms for Recognized Student Organizations


Event & Fundraising

  • Event Registration Form - required for all student organization events (meetings, membership tabling, events, fund raisers, etc.).  Use this form to reserve space, order food, receive marketing and promotion assistance, and much more.
  • Popcorn Machine Rental Form
  • Permission to Raise Funds Form - this form is required prior to beginning any fundraising efforts.  If your fundraiser coincides with a campus event please complete the Event Registration Form as well.
  • Amplified Sound Request Form - required of all events that have amplified sound.  This requires approval from the Provost and must be submitted 4 weeks before your event.
  • Food Service Policy & Menu - details on campus food service resources and related policies to ordering food using your club budgets



College travel is defined as an organization event that is off campus for 4 hours or more, or includes travel of 90 miles or more (round trip).  If your event meets this thresh hold you need to follow the GRCC travel policy and process.  Travel approval and process requires that you start this process at least 4 weeks before your travel date.