Are you interested in creating a new organization?
Follow this outline for the step by step process - and let us know if you have any questions along the way.

STEP ONE - Develop Organization Constitution
You will need to draft a constitution.  This is a document that clarifies how your group is formed and managed.  Click here for the constitution template.  Also, it is recommended that you search via the internet other similar group's to find examples of constitutions to work from.
STEP TWO - Recruit Members & Advisor
You can start step three as you are drafting your constitution. To become a recognized student organization you will need to show that at least 7 currently enrolled GRCC students are willing to be a member of your student organization.  You will need to collect their name and student ID number.
Each recognized student organization must secure a full time GRCC employee (faculty or staff) to serve as an advisor.  This individual must submit a letter of intent to the Student Life Director expressing their interest and commitment to serve in this capacity.  Contact the Student Life Coordinator if you need assistance in identifying an advisor.
STEP THREE - Identify Executive Committee
Each recognized student organization must have a defined executive committee - a group of student leaders who will take responsibility for the initial formation and management of the organization.  When you submit your new student organization application you will need to identify at least 2 students who are currently enrolled at GRCC and in good academic and social standing (not on any type of probation) to serve on the executive committee.  These may be temporary assignments until the organization can hold their first election.
STEP FOUR - Submit New Student Organization Application
Click here to access the new student organization application and submit your membership roster, advisor and executive committee contacts, and constitution.
If you have any questions about the process stated above, feel free to contact the Director of Student Life and Conduct.

Director - GRCC Student Life and Conduct
Lina Blair
(616) 234-3924